Remember Thomas?  He works with instructor Mike M. as part of our Accelerate program here at Game-U.  Thomas and Mike M. worked on a car model and a racetrack game in Unity, a professional-level gaming engine.  Today Mike M. had something even cooler up his sleeve!  Know anything about virtual reality?  It’s called VR for short, and it’s all about immersing human beings in realistic digital environments.  Using special tools, someone inside a virtual reality can see, hear, touch, and play with the digital world around him.  Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds!  Let’s find out with Thomas and Mike M. did with VR.  First, Mike M. set Thomas up with a couple Oculus demos, where Thomas used the Oculus lens to get acquainted with VR.  Next, the two of them used the more familiar Probuilder and Unity tools to digitally recreate the studio office they use for classes.  Yes, you read that right!  They took their class space and built a virtual counterpart.  Recreating that particular Game-U studio turned out to be more difficult than either one of the guys expected, because its ceilings are unusually slanted (like an attic), but they made it happen anyway.  By the end of the class Thomas and Mike M. got the basic shape of the room and a few pieces of furniture ready!  Mike M. gave us a photo for reference.  Check out the video of their work, too!  We may not have Thomas’ Oculus lens, but this is what the room looks like in VR.  Next class Thomas and Mike M. plan to add more furniture, paint the room, and maybe make some interactive props!  Keep us updated, guys.  VR is amazing!

The “real” studio!

The real studio…


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