Remember Thomas?  He and instructor Mike M. teamed up as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program.  Their latest project involves virtual reality in all its technical glory!  After virtually reproducing the basic structure of the Game-U studio in Thomas’ last lesson, Thomas and Mike dug deeper into the virtual studio’s details.  First, the studio got a paint job.  Next, Thomas added some physical props, including tables, to the reality.  Props are pretty cool all by themselves, sure, but what’s even cooler?  Being able to interact with them!  Using Unity, Thomas and Mike M. learned how to set up “hands” inside the VR studio, allowing players to grab, hold, and throw the objects inside the program.  (Check out the video!)  Now, think back to a certain car model Thomas created in the Unity gaming engine a while back.  Thomas built the car for his racetrack game, but since Probuilder, the tool he used, is part of Unity, he could import that same model into the virtual reality as a little toy car prop.  The car sits on one of the desks, and it can be picked up and played with just like a “real” toy car.  Wow, Thomas!  You’re quickly becoming a VR master.  Thanks for the update and the video.  Send more soon!

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