Remember Kevin and Jack? Both of them teamed up with instructor Andrew as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program. Recently they finished an awesome Crash Bandicoot tribute game in Project Spark, and now, ready for new challenges, they’re working on 3D face models!

3D models like the ones Kevin and Jack are creating have tons of uses. They can be printed, animated, or played, and they’re a big part of game design (think of all the models Jade uses to furnish her games). To become familiar with Autodesk’s computer animation and modeling software, Maya, Andrew introduced Kevin and Jack to 3D face modeling. By copying the topology from a reference image, and then transposing the finished model onto an image of Kevin and Jack’s own faces, they can create masks of themselves!

To retopologize the model to match the reference image, Kevin and Jack needed to get good with the Multi-Cut Tool. Multi-Cut allows a modeler to create new edges in a design, which in turn transforms the design’s topology very quickly. But using a powerful tool takes practice and skill! It’s easy to raise unneeded edges or put edges in the wrong place. Andrew helped Kevin and Jack recover from errors and offered advice on how to get the most out of the tool. Check out their finished face model! Kevin and Jack did some amazing work with the topology. Like most duos, each of them has a strength the other lacks. Kevin’s got focusing superpowers and can remain on task no matter what, while Jack’s got a knack for grasping the big picture and its relationship to the little details. When each of the guys takes a page out of the other’s book, they reap big benefits.

Thanks for sharing your new project with us, guys! Good luck transposing the model onto images of your own faces. Let us know how it goes!

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