Remember Chris? He and instructor Cameron teamed up as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program. Chris is building a new Unity game that sports a fantastically detailed, creepy old asylum. With the exterior of the building complete, he’s turned his attention to its interior, making his project come more alive – in a good way! – with every lesson.

When Chris works on a game, he sweats the details. He’s investing the same level of meticulous care into the asylum’s interior as he invested in its exterior. His main hall used to be a shell, a promising shell, yes, but still a shell. Not anymore. Check out the video! Together with Cameron, Chris spent the last two lessons crafting all those “little things” that make for a spooky scene. His design is quickly meeting all the requirements for a tumbledown (and perhaps haunted) environment. Eerie lighting? Check. Splintering wooden walls, threatening to fall? Check. Tilting statue on a smashed pedestal? Check. Broken support pillar complete with protruding rebar? Check. Chandelier and (really big) chain sprawled on the floor? Check. Lots of rubble? Check. Fallen upper floors that pitch unwary explorers into deadly gaps? Check. Chris builds his scene little by little to create a masterpiece of gaming environments. He’s not only setting the tone of the game, but also honing valuable game design skills. Consistency, attention to detail, technical expertise, and careful planning are vital to the success of professional game developers. Chris demonstrates all four!

You’ve wowed us again, Chris. Keep up the good work. Cameron says that post-processing and more portals are next on your agenda. Be sure to update us on the results! Oh, and definitely let us know when the game is ready to play, because we want to explore your asylum for ourselves.

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