Remember Ryan? He works with instructor Michael L. as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program. Ryan’s first love is 3D modeling – especially if he’s using the 3DS Max tool – but he’s also got a cool game in the works.

Construct 2 is a 2D gaming engine with an intuitive interface, perfect for game developers-in-training, like Ryan. This class, Ryan worked with Michael L. and another Game-U instructor, Warren, to build a space shooter. Watch the video! The guys started out by adding health bars for the player (Ryan, in blue) and Eggman (that’d be the bogey spaceship Ryan wants to defeat, in yellow). The program’s controlling logic uses successful hits to trigger reductions in the player’s or the enemy’s health. Once a health level hits bottom, it’s game over for either Ryan or Eggman!

Because real life is noisy, and real people use sounds to help interpret their environments, realistic games use sounds to let gamers know what’s happening on-screen. Ryan knows he fired a laser bolt at Eggman not only because he can see the bolt on the screen, but also because he can hear the sound effect that accompanied the bolt discharge. (Pew! Pew!) Ryan and Warren took to the Internet to create some cool costume sounds to liven up Ryan’s game. They even added background music!

Thanks for updating us on your progress, Ryan. Keep building new games as well as 3D models! You’ve got the makings of a game developer, and we want to play your creations.

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