Remember Jordan? He’s teamed up with instructor Erica as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program. His latest project is a roll-a-ball game in Unity, and after a few lessons of tweaking, he’s proud to announce its completion!

The last time we saw a video of Jordan’s game, he still had a couple bugs to work through. For instance, when he played the game, the ball moved so quickly that at a certain point it could no longer keep to the track. (Not good!) The track itself was also incomplete. No longer!

First, Jordan adjusted his track to make it more playable, removing the impossible turns and slopes that previously doomed his rolling ball-cum-player to fall into the watery abyss beneath the course. Next, he finalized the track by making it a closed circuit. At that point, Jordan technically could have declared the game complete, but where’s the fun in game development if you can’t add a few personalized bells and whistles? Jordan’s roll-a-ball features an outer space background lit with faraway stars. Jordan added one more star, a little closer to home (and purple), and then animated it to shoot across the screen! Finally, Jordan moved into Sculptris, a 3D modeling program, to replace the default rolling ball with his own custom design – a spherical face. After shaping and painting the new ball to his satisfaction, Jordan added it to his Unity game and did some test runs. He and Erica got huge laughs out of seeing his creation roll around the track!

Great work, Jordan! Your roll-a-ball track looks challenging and cool, and the personal touches you added make it even more appealing. Thanks for the video, and keep us informed about your future projects!

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