Remember Thomas? He and instructor Mike M. teamed up as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program. When Thomas comes for classes, he and Mike M. usually dig into the Unity gaming engine to build virtual realities. Check out Thomas’ latest project – a dungeon maze game inspired by Jade’s own dungeon crawler!

Using modeling and UV techniques, Thomas added a floor, a wall, and a pillar to a new Unity workspace, giving himself a simple test area. Later on, he’ll change the environment and lighting settings to give his world a more underground, dungeon-like feel. But for now, a test area gives him enough room to work while he develops other aspects of his game – like keys!

To make it through the first level of Thomas’ dungeon maze, the player will need four keys, each featuring a different zodiac sign. Only after obtaining the keys can a player open doors marked with corresponding signs. Thomas doesn’t like making his games too easy (where’s the fun in that?) so getting through all the doors is sure to be a challenge. Thomas modeled the Aquarius key first, using a reference image for the basic shape, but rounding out his finished product with extra loops and (of course) the Aquarius sign. Once he finished the rest of the keys, Thomas also designed matching doors.  His design captures the idea of a “dread portal” and swings back and forth when unlocked!

Cool stuff on display here, Thomas. Thanks for sharing new project with us! We look forward to seeing your dungeon maze progress. You definitely have a knack for creating virtual realities!

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