Remember Luke? He works with instructor Andrew as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program, and he’s a big fan of Star Wars. After noticing that the Project Spark Goblin Bruiser resembles the Star Wars character Yoda, Luke and Andrew started building an entire Star Wars-style game. Check out their progress!

Ever see Luke Skywalker or Obi-wan Kenobi use a light saber to deflect a burst from a blaster? Luke’s (our Luke’s) Jedi knight now can too, thanks to the laser projectile deflection system that Luke and Andrew Koded. While the player is in attack mode, the computer (we can call it the Force for Luke’s purposes) detects and deflects any projectiles from the Stormtroopers’ blasters. The Stormtroopers themselves, meanwhile, now spawn in the bases Luke created using futuristic wall and door props. Luke arranged the props like blocks, scaling them up and fitting them together when appropriate, to produce a fortress-like design suitable for an Imperial base. The bases house logic cubes, invisible props that can be Koded to manage special effects, win conditions, game mechanics, and more. In this case, the logic cubes call on the Stormtrooper template that Luke and Andrew created from their original Stormtrooper character. When the game starts, the cubes take a page out of the Emperor’s book and use the template to spawn Stormtrooper after Stormtrooper. That’s a lot of enemies for even a Jedi knight to get through! So Luke also created a healing shrine where his player can recover. Within a certain proximity of the shrine, the Jedi’s health bar is Koded to return to full measure. It’s storming the castle, Jedi style!

Your game is shaping up, Luke! Thanks for sharing your work with us, and keep us updated in the future. We’re excited to see Star Wars played out in our very own studio!

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