Meet Ashwin! He works with instructor Andrew as part of Game-U’s Accelerate program. The two of them come up with all kinds of cool Project Spark games while Andrew introduces Ashwin to the world of code. Check out their most recent project – a first-person snowball fight with special enemy-detecting radar!

Last class, Ashwin and Andrew added crosshairs to the game’s Heads-Up Display (HUD), which provides the first-person player with important guidance information. Ashwin’s player uses the crosshairs to help him aim his snowball-firing blaster. But this isn’t your typical snowball fight! Any goblin hit with a snowball gets transformed into a snowman, making Ashwin’s blaster a highly effective weapon. But with so many hordes of enemies to contend with, Ashwin wanted to give his player another advantage – radar. Radar’s an ambitious goal in Project Spark, so to achieve it, Andrew lent Ashwin all the benefits of his experience. Together, they spent their latest class working out logic on the whiteboard and then translating it into Kode (Project Spark’s spin on code). See the big circle on the bottom left of Ashwin’s game screen? Inside it, Ashwin and Andrew Koded a green dot (green for goblin!) to appear for each goblin that comes within range of the player. Like a compass, the radar always points north. The green dots, however, rotate around the center of the radar relative to the player’s own rotation. That means the player can tell what direction he needs to turn to face (and snowman-ify) the goblin hordes – whether 3 o’clock, 8 o’clock, or 6 o’clock. Hit goblins vanish from the radar since they’re no longer a threat to the player. Watch the video to see the radar in action!

Ashwin, this game is awesome! Thanks to you and Andrew for sharing it with us. We’re excited to see what Andrew’s been teaching you and how much fun you’re having with it! Make sure to keep in touch.

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