Remember Luke? He’s teamed up with instructor Andrew as part of Game-U’s New Jersey Accelerate program. As an ardent Star Wars fan, Luke spent several weeks creating a Star Wars-inspired video game in Project Spark. He recently added the finishing touch – a boss battle with Darth Vader himself!

With the Jedi knight’s team completed by the addition of BB8, whom R2D2 takes under his wing (or flank!), Luke started customizing another default Project Spark character to resemble Darth Vader, black cloak, helmet, red light saber, and all. Naturally Vader wouldn’t trouble to fight any battles that his minions could win, so Luke and Andrew Koded spawn conditions that keep Vader from appearing until all the Imperial Stormtroopers (who compose Team 2) are defeated. Vader’s spawner Kode reads something like, “When Team 2 Game Objects Equals Zero, Do Spawn Darth Vader.” The when side of the Kode defines the event or trigger – in this case, the elimination of all Team 2 game objects from the world – that signals the computer to execute the do side of its instructions, specifically, the spawning of Darth Vader into the game. Cue the Imperial March! As a final detail, Luke also arranged for BB8 to lose his invulnerability after Vader enters, but R2D2 remains invincible (because let’s admit it, R2 is invincible anyway). Check out the video to see the result of the boss battle! Spoiler alert – our game designer friend Luke is on the side of the rebels.

You’ve done some great work here, Luke! We loved watching both your game and your skills progress these last few weeks. Thanks for sharing, and be sure to update us on your future projects. You’re sure to have more great game ideas up your sleeve!

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