Remember Lauren? She’s the up-and-coming anime artist who recently published her first coloring book on Amazon! As part of Game-U’s New Jersey Accelerate program, she and instructor Zack work together to transform her sketches into colorful digital media. Lauren’s latest project? An artist’s expression of summer longing!

With this winter bringing plenty of snow, ice, and Arctic temperatures, it’s no wonder Lauren’s ready for summer. As an artist, she channels her feelings into figure drawings that warm the hearts of other summer-ready folk with beauty, life, and grace. Lauren’s currently preparing a full-color scene composed of two female figures in summer clothes, both posed against a summery, garden-themed backdrop. Using Krita, the open source drawing tool, Lauren and Zack made progress on the figures’ line work and got started on coloring. The left-hand figure shows a flamboyant, perky girl in denim rompers and a bright pink top – clearly someone happy-spirited and always game for an adventure! The right-hand figure depicts a shy, sweet girl with a thick, curly ponytail and a short flowery skirt, who carries big thoughts in her head and kindness in her heart. See what Lauren can accomplish with just a few lines? That’s the power of her art! As she continues this project, she’ll be creating the garden background and layering the fully-colored figures atop it for the finished product. Her summer-ready girls bring back memories of beach days, warm evening rambles, family picnics, and lots of fun! Those recollections should buoy the winter-weary with new hope as they wait for the long days and balmy temperatures to return.

Lauren, your art gets more and more beautiful every time we get in touch. Thanks for sharing your latest project!

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