Meet David S.! He’s teamed up with instructor Andrew as part of Game-U’s New Jersey Accelerate program. Lately, David’s invested a lot of time and effort into developing his Mario-style platformer in GameMaker Studio. As his game nears the finish line, David and Andrew are working out some pesky bugs that need fixes.

Every game designer knows bugs. They can pop up anywhere, hindering program function and optimum gameplay, and they result from flaws in a game’s code. Sometimes they’re annoying – sometimes they’re hilarious – sometimes they’re sneaky – and sometimes they’re just strange! Debugging is part of finishing a game, so David and Andrew tackled each bug one at a time. The first bug was the sneaky kind, that slipped through the guys’ fingers last class. The enemy sprite no longer flipped over if a brick block struck him from underneath, leaving the enemy still standing. Not the result a successful attack should produce! After they guys corrected that sneaky bug, they dealt with a strange bug where the brick projectile, when bounced, wouldn’t actually bounce but merely float upwards into infinity. Can’t let that keep happening! Next, some “level lost” bugs needed fixing – overlapping, ladder-related code caused the player to fall in slow-motion when he lost the level, and vertical boundaries restarted the level before the player had the chance to finish falling. With some testing and tweaking, David and Andrew managed to beat all these bugs and get the game ready for its finishing touch – a pike-bearing boss enemy!

Cool stuff on display here, David! You’ve got lots of patience and you’re not discouraged when you run into problems. Congratulations on a game almost ready to export and take home! Be sure to keep in touch so we can hear all about your future projects, too.

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