Meet Danny! He’s teamed up with instructor Shawn as part of Game-U’s New York Accelerate program, and he’s here to remind us that all work and no play isn’t good for anyone. As Danny develops his level design skills in Project Spark, he’s honing his creativity, strengthening his problem-solving skills, and – you guessed it – taking some time to play!

When Danny joins Shawn for lessons, he’s always brimming with cool ideas. His latest brainwave? A swimming pool! Using Project Spark, a graphical 3D game editor, Danny tackled the problem of creating a swimming pool without any default swimming pool prop or similar pre-made object available. How did he do it? Made the pool in-ground! Using various Sculpt tools, Danny eroded an oblong section of terrain below “sea level” so that it filled with water. A black-and-white tiled texture turned the eroded terrain into a paved pool surface with a sleek deck. Next, inspired by Epcot, Danny set about turning the pool’s environment into a tropical resort. Barrel props, edited in the Character Studio, became floating red buoys that mark out the swimming areas, while futuristic astro-base props, their angle of orientation adjusted appropriately when needed, became docks, diving platforms, and slides. There’s even a lifeguard – with an important safety message – on the guard stand! Finally, a little judicious coding created a disco ball with fireworks effects, and a quick adjustment to the World Settings ensured the perfect lighting backdrop for the colorful explosions. Danny’s resort world is the perfect place to relax!

Thanks for reminding us to take some time for fun, Danny! It’s good to have games that help us relax and recharge for a new day. Keep designing awesome worlds! We look forward to playing a few ourselves as you continue to build your skills.

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