Girl.Code Program


Are you interested in tech but don’t know where to begin?
Or maybe you already have an idea but can’t seem to get started?
Come join us and make something cool!

<Girl.Code> is about much more than just coding! Each week you will face fun hands-on challenges designed to get you thinking “out of the box” Areas like clean water, solar technology, 3d printing, virtual reality, and more are all ripe for innovation and we want you to be part of it!

Along the way, you will learn more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) concepts to help you solve these challenges and make your projects become reality. This includes coding lessons, 3d modeling, game and app development and more.

To help kick things off, join with a friend now and you will each receive a 50% discount off of your enrollment!

This first group runs for 8 weeks from May 2nd to June 27th. But seats are limited to don’t miss out on your chance to join in on the fun!

The <Girl.Code> curriculum has been developed and is being taught by Melissa Stager, who has been involved in Gifted Education for 15 years. She has created and taught gifted education courses in three school districts and has served students in grades 3-12. She particularly focuses on Project Based Learning and integrating art and technology in the humanities which has recently been described as STEAM. Her experience include creativity training programming using Scratch and 3D designing in Blender.


Cost- $99 Per Month
When- Mondays at 5:30
Lesson Duration- Class meets once per week for 60 min
Course Length- 8 Weeks (May 2nd to June 27th)

GAME-U is an after school program designed by Game Industry Professionals which teaches kids how to design and build their own video games and robots. We cover all aspects of development including Level Design, Animation, Coding, 3d Printing, Robotics and more!

Game Design

From raw idea to finished product, you’ll bring your vision to life.

3D Modeling

Build your own world from the ground up — with the same tools the pros use.


From artificial intelligence to physics engines, the code you write makes it all happen.


No words can say what a picture can show. Bring your imagination to life in full color.

Sound Design

The creak of a door. The roar of an engine. The startling beauty of the right song at the right moment.


Breathe life into your game. Give it motion, action, reaction, and expression.

Creative Writing

Create the stories and characters that make your game unforgettable.

Public Speaking

Your voice is unique. Stand up and make it heard.


Work together. Share ideas. Give and get feedback. A strong team cannot be stopped.

Special Events

Game-U Hosts a Variety of Special Game Nights and Minecraft Birthday Parties. Click below to get more information.