Learn Game Design, Coding
& Robotics with our STEM
based curriculum

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GAME-U offers services for students of all ages including those in the NY OPWDD program. Our program helps students plan for life after high school. We do this by helping them develop and maintain independence in self-care, physical and emotional growth, socialization, communication and vocational skills.

Our Accelerate classes are open to students of ALL abilities. Accelerate classes are open to the general public. Classes are priced at $90 per hour.

We are looking to open more locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. Please contact us below to discuss locations near you.

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Teach STEAM concepts

Students are introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math concepts to help learn how to solve challenges and make their own projects become a reality.

Critical Thinking

Students are taught the basics of computer programming helping them improve their problem solving skills. They learn to identify and implement their program’s key features, test and evaluate performance, then fix any issues. These same skills can be applied to a wide range of areas helping them make decisions in every day life.

Vocational Training

Students work towards developing skills such as coding, 3d modeling, and game design that are applicable to a career interest. The education from Game-U increases the skill-set needed to obtain competitive employment.

Improve Motor Skills

Robotics and computer use can increase dexterity and fine motor skills which boost student safety in and out of the home.

Community Inclusion

Promote community inclusion by educating all populations and promoting peer-based learning.
Our curriculum is taught using Project based learning techniques, which ensures that students are learning the skills necessary for a careerpath. As part of their game development training, students learn the fundamentals of coding, using different languages such as C# and Javascript.
Students gain access to some of the latest tools/hardware for use in making their games & products, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Oculus Rift, 3d Printers and Mindstorm Robotics Kits.
Classes are scheduled during the day and most of our students take between 2-6 hours of lessons per week. Please talk with your support coordinator or support broker if you are interested in enrolling in Game-U as part of your Self-Directed Services. Classes are billed at a rate of $90 per hour.

Game Design

From raw idea to finished product, you’ll bring your vision to life.

3D Modeling

Build your own world from the ground up — with the same tools the pros use.


From artificial intelligence to physics engines, the code you write makes it all happen.


No words can say what a picture can show. Bring your imagination to life in full color.

Sound Design

The creak of a door. The roar of an engine. The startling beauty of the right song at the right moment.


Breathe life into your game. Give it motion, action, reaction, and expression.

Creative Writing

Create the stories and characters that make your game unforgettable.

Public Speaking

Your voice is unique. Stand up and make it heard.


Work together. Share ideas. Give and get feedback. A strong team cannot be stopped.