Adam Coleman

Senior Instructor/Trial Team Manager

Adam, a veteran of the United States Army and an avionics software engineer, specializes in I.T. and programming. He hails from S.U.N.Y. (State University of New York), where he earned his Associates in Applied Science: Computer Technology,  A+Certification, and Microsoft MCSA: SQL certification. Adam’s always had an interest in gaming (both tabletop, PC, and console!), and has been working in the industry since 1997, helping companies like Mythic Entertainment, Bioware, and EA Games develop works such as Magestorm, Spellbinder, Darkness Falls, Darkness Falls: the Crusade, Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online,  Mass Effect, and more.  

Adam is an outdoor enthusiast who, in his free time, enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and kayaking. His other hobbies include designing and sewing his own costumes for Renaissance fairs and conventions.