Basia Rochelle

Studio Manager

Basia studied for and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Technology from Wyższa Szkoła Suwalsko-Mazurska, Poland, during which time she worked as a childcare professional and private teacher as well as a summer camp counselor. Likewise, Basia was a Girl Scout Leader for four years and a First Lego League Coach for two seasons, during which her team achieved state level. More recently, Basia underwent Dale Carnegie’s Leadership training course, remaining committed to continuous professional development. 

In her free time, Basia is active in the community, winning prizes for her homegrown fruits and vegetables in the Hunterdon County 4H Fair and rescuing and restoring antique furniture. She is fluent in two languages, despite having learned her second as an adult. More than anything else, Basia loves to spend time with her children, and is proud to be able to call herself their mother.