Christian Aufiero


Christian holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Computer Science & New Media from SUNY Purchase College. He is a skilled game developer, coder, graphic designer, and motion graphics editor, with more than eight years of experience in the Unity game engine and an extensive background in multiple programming languages, such as C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Processing, p5.js, HTML, and CSS. Some of his projects to date include: Uh Oh Bartender (an intense, fast-paced game made by a team, in which Christian acted as Gameplay Programmer and Principal 3D Modeler); Don’t Play This (a solo project, unique in that it was designed specifically to discourage gamers from playing!); Chaobot (a chatroom bot built with JavaScript, Node.js, and MongoDB to process time data sent in by users, store it for later sorting, compare scores, and implement a “Track of the Day” system); and It’s Coming Right At Us! (a game made in 72 hours for the 46th Ludum Dare challenge, consisting of three separate mini games and a small map-generation system), among others.

Prior to his career at Game-U, Christian made special effects for prominent Macedonian film director Igor Tomeski, and was a tutor and Learning Assistant for Mathematics/Computer Science and Computer Science II classes at SUNY Purchase College. It was his initiative and dedication at the beginning of 2020 that were key to an uninterrupted learning experience and an excellent transition from physical to virtual education. 

In his free time, Christian enjoys making (and playing!) games and videos, acting, reading, singing, and more.