Courtney Irby


Courtney has a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Communication from Ohio University. He works on UNDR [H2O] as both the art lead and concept/texture artist, keeping tabs on the assets in progress and ensuring the team’s designs go in the right direction. During his time in the Disney Imagineering Competition in 2016, he was the illustrator for team designs and helped flesh out the ideas for an assortment of rides, as well as the layout of the environment itself. 

Courtney is dedicated to professional development in all fields, spending a good deal of time studying and taking classes online to hone his skills and perform at his best – but that’s not to say he doesn’t have hobbies. During his free moments, Courtney enjoys painting and playing games such as League of Legends. 

In regards to Game-U, Courtney most enjoys being able to teach younger generations what he knows and has learned, in order to help pave the way for them to enter the highly competitive field of game design.