Elizaveta Kravchenko


Elizaveta attended Wesleyan University, obtaining a BA in Psychology and a minor in Applied Data Analysis. In addition, they completed Full Stack Web Development boot camp at Horizons School of Technology and collaborated on a Unity 2.5D STEM game demonstration as part of an intensive course by former Bethesda Softworks CEO Christopher Weaver. Other projects include creating an R package scraping fanfiction and associated information, and working on a web development project as part of the Wesleyan Start Up Incubator. With three years of experience teaching technical concepts to students – from tutoring at the Wesleyan Quantitative Analysis Center as an undergraduate, to teaching at the Girls Who Code 2019 summer immersion program, and, most recently, instructing elementary school students in game development principles via an afterschool program – Elizaveta is passionate about collaborative learning, and continues to faithfully support students on their academic journeys. In their free time, they enjoy drawing/reading indie comics, building (and playing!) indie games, and any and all things related to theater.