James Scott Gideon


James, or “Scott”, as he prefers, attended the Academy of Arts University for his B.F.A. in Game Development, and recently transitioned into Full Sail University to complete his Bachelor’s of Computer Science in Game Design. He specializes in level design creation fundamentals and techniques, as well as scripting in Unreal, Hammer Editor, and Construct, and has worked for multiple studios, including Off the Grid Games and Serfworks Studios, where he was employed as a Creative Director, Lead Designer, and Game/UI Designer. Likewise, he’s skilled in Illustrator and Photoshop, is familiar with Perforce operations, and has modeling experience in Maya. His most recent projects include the games Dungeoneer, The Dunge-Inn, Advent Dawn, Life Not Found, and Feudal Lands, among others. In James’ free time, he enjoys playing deep strategy/RPG games with rich stories, as well as art, nature, and cooking. Check out some of his work here!