Jamie LaRose


Jamie is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media & Game Design at the University of Central Florida, and will soon begin a graduate study for her master’s degree in the same subject. She already has extensive experience in both the field and its related aspects, with a variety of projects and games under her belt. These include, but are not limited to, Trick or Traitor, Abyssal Lament (Huggable Monsters Games), Leaf On The Wind, Shadow’s Torment by Shadowbyte Studios,  ELLE (EndLess LearnEr by UCF), Peblito Rock and Roll by Studio Half, and many more. Likewise, Jamie is skilled in multiple areas of game design, including technical, level, and sound design as well as 2D art and animation, and has led or helped to develop the aforementioned projects as Creative Director, Project Manager, Design Team Lead, Technical Artist, and other roles, respectively. Check out some of her work here

When she’s not designing games, Jamie moonlights as a musician and a performance artist – curating art shows, going on tour with bands, running her own event production company, and writing for a music publication company. In her remaining free time, she enjoys playing guitar, longboarding, hiking, and gaming with friends!