Jasmine Shah

Instructor/ Roblox Curriculum Creator

Jasmine holds an MFA in Creative Technologies from Virginia Tech, as well as a BFA in Digital Arts and a BA in Art History from Indiana University. Prior to her career at Game-U, she was a Roblox Coding instructor, participated in the IMX Snap Creative Challenge (AR), has been featured in multiple exhibitions and magazines, and was the ICAT grant award winner for her project Zoologica Fantastica in the Mist (XR). Jasmine is skilled in a number of subjects, programs, and coding languages, including but not limited to the following: AR/VR game development, 3D photogrammetry, modeling, printing, and laser engraving; Unity, Blender, and Maya; and C#, HTML, and LUA, among others. Throughout all these areas of expertise, she’s known for her quirky art style and kid-oriented projects – take a look at them here

In Jasmine’s free time, she enjoys swimming, hanging out with her dogs, and growing exotic tropical house plants.