Jovan Wilson


Jovan graduated with a BFA in animation from Columbus College of Art & Design. A skilled environment artist, texturer, Unreal developer, and 3D foliage enthusiast, Jovan specializes in virtual reality (VR), 3D modeling, and art, with an impressive list of accomplishments and roles under her belt. These include Flora’s Gate (a VR horror experience that Jovan took a lead role in developing), Endangered Species Act (an augmented reality project, made collaboratively with a team), and Paranormal Party (another team project made for the IGDA E-Jam 2020, for which Jovan worked as a lead developer and 3D artist), in addition to multiple assets made for a variety of other game jams and virtual libraries (such as the Global Game Jam, the GDEX 2020 Game Jam, and the Open Source Afro Hair Library). In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, ceramics, writing, and – of course – games!