Saul Herman


Saul A. “Shaul” Herman comes to Game-U with a High School Diploma, an in-progress associate degree in creative writing and western literature with an additional computer science IT certification from Certstaffix, and a penchant for video game design, computer building, and YouTube content creation and editing, courtesy of Game-U itself. Besides assembling custom Game-U computers, Saul uses his to help him create short stories for his book series. These series include:

    • Transzyntho Metaverse – part of a planned twenty-one-book series, currently consisting of three separate books (“The Zynthomancer Multiverse Chronicles”; “Rise of the Timeline Shifters”; “My Life is a Video Game”) in varying stages of completion, in addition to eighteen more books currently in the works
    • A martial arts novel titled The Legend of Chung Ki Drake: Rise of the Ultimate Master


Saul’s other talents and skills include an eidetic memory,  teaching, and the creation of his YouTube channel, where he posts a number of funny videos that are already quite popular with viewers.