Zack Hajbi

Instructional Supervisor

Zack Hajbi earned his bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design from the Art Institutes in Pennsylvania, and has since put it to good use here at Game-U with an extensive collection of both solo and collaborative projects. These projects, including Crumble, a 3D platformer involving a universal sporting event for the fate of the Earth, and Toy Time, a Game Jam project made with fellow Game-U instructors, encompass a wide range of both genres and requisite skills, making him truly, as he likes to say, a “Zack of all trades.”

While Zack specializes in 3D, he is proficient in a vast array of art and game development programs, and his skills include Maya, Mudbox, Blender, ZBrush, GameMaker, Click Team Fusion, Construct, and Scratch, as well as artistic software tools like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and Krita.

In his free time, Zack is an avid gamer and video game collector. Browse his works at www.zackhajbi.com!