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Game-U is fully online! We can teach any student, anywhere, anytime!

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to Creators

Turn your child’s screen time into a tour of technology.

It can be frustrating to see your child spend so much time playing games and watching videos with nothing to show for it.

At TechCreators, our mentors are tech industry pros who will help guide your child from consuming technology to creating it!

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Key into the Future

TechExploration may be the first stepin a student's career. It's so much fun,they won't even realize it's preparingthem for the future. Let's find a mentorto help them give passion a direction.

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Share this Experience with Your Kids!

Redirect your child's passion for consuming technology into creating with technology.

  • Student works on projects without you asking
  • Student is excited to share their work with you and with others
  • Student actively seeks their Mentor's advice as they develop their skills & interests
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Ignite Curiosity

We’ll expand your child’s curiosity for technology through tailored projects, tutorials, and content that’s designed to identify the areas where they’ll excel.

Fuel Discovery

They’ll have a blast discovering how their passions can lead to their own creations. They’ll build robots, make video games, create videos, and more!

Foster Mentorship

We’ll uncover your child’s talents and match them with a tech industry pro who will offer personalized guidance that fits your child’s area of interest.

Explore Opportunity

Your child will have many opportunities to collaborate with other TechCreator peers, join mentor-led live streams, participate in video game nights, and more!

What will your child explore with TechCreators?

Whether your child likes playing video games, watching video content, tinkering, or art, our pro mentors will guide them on a tour of the many tech fields where their talents can lead them.

Game Design
& Development

Students work virtually with game industry pros to explore the Game Design field and where their interests fit in.

& Computer Science

Students will discover the vast world of computer science and coding and learn how things are created, like video games!

Digital Art 
& Animation

If your child loves to draw, they’ll love learning about the modern digital tools that can bring their creations to life.

Video Production 
& Content Creation

Students can learn how pros make the videos they like to watch, from building stories to producing & editing content the world will love.


The best way to learn is to do. Students will hone in on their strengths and gain real-world experience while doing things they enjoy.

& Live Events

Students will collaborate with other TechCreators via monthly live events such as workshops, live streams, game nights, and more.

Prepare your child for their future in this digital age!

Let’s chat about your child’s interests so we can pair them with a technology pro who can turn their screen time into something productive.

Why TechCreators?

Our Mentors are industry professionals dedicated to understanding the interests and goals of each individual student.

How does this work?

It all begins with mentorship.

Our mentors have worked in all areas of the video game and technology industry and have helped more than 5,000 students reach their tech-related goals.

They are dedicated to helping students develop their talents and interests so they can turn their screen time into their very own creations.

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Give passion a path

Choose from one of our rewarding and fun-filled plans, and let the games begin!

All Plans include:

  • 5 Days/Week Mentor Support Via Chat
  • 2 Live Events Per Week
  • 2 Community Challenges Per Week
  • 2 Mentoring Sessions Per Month
  • Parent Update Every Month
  • New Project Assigned Every Month
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Verified Buyer

"My son is generally not overly confident about most things, but when he comes here, he's always confident. Super confident about his idea and being able to share his ideas here."


Verified Buyer

Matthew loves working one on one with his instructor, Rob. He benefits so much from the personal attention and feels comfortable asking questions. I can see him growing as he does something he loves. He can’t wait for his next sessions!

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