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Game-U is fully online! We can teach any student, anywhere, anytime!

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Help your child

develop 21st century skills

Believe it or not, their passion for gaming could be a foundation for academic success and job security. At Game-U, they’ll gain the design, animation, and engineering skills needed to create virtual worlds, and beyond. Our STEAM-based curriculum is more than just gaming, it is the best way to learn 21st century skills.

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Prepare your child for their future in this digital age!

Let’s talk about our program options, the benefits of STEAM-based learning, and what classes will be the most suitable for your child!

Real-world XP

Your kid will work to build games, mods, programs, animations, character models, robots, and designs, all through virtual 1:1 classes with an industry pro. 

We help students create portfolios of published work that can help them get into college, earn internships and jobs, and stand apart from their peers.

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Game U has successfully taught

over 5,000 students


Jennifer (Matthew’s mom)

Matthew loves working one on one with his instructor, Rob. He benefits so much from the personal attention and feels comfortable asking questions. I can see him growing as he does something he loves. He can’t wait for his next sessions!


Olwyn (Student)

I love my 1:1 with Courtney! We can spend our time focusing on just me and my project and what I am most interested in doing. I have learned so much! I can ask all the questions I need and want – big, small or weird. I am only 8 after all, but I know so much already.

Who are the Instructors?

Game-U Instructors are all experienced videogame professionals who have worked for some of the top names in the industry

An expansion pack for school

Game-U is taught by industry pros. Classes are virtual, hands-on, and last 60 minutes.

Our project-based curriculum means your kid will spend more time applying theory than memorizing it. At the end of the program, they’ll have tangible games they can play with their friends.

Free Intro Class

●      Flexible scheduling

●      Work 1:1 with an industry pro virtually

●      Choose a track that meets your child’s interests

●      Monthly subscription payments with sibling discounts

●      For students ages 6 - 21

Learning quests

At Game-U, your child will connect with industry professionals every week to design and build video games. This engaging, project-based curriculum will have your child reminding you that it’s time for class.

Academic reboot

Your child will work one on one with dedicated industry pros. There are several learning tracks available. As your child’s interests evolve, they’ll be able to switch between them with ease.

Valuable achievements

Your child will have the chance to get resume-building experience solving problems and designing games. If they want to work in gaming, they’ll have a leg up on the competition. And even if they don’t, they’ll have a variety of technical skills that will help them in other industries.

What students can learn:

Game Design

3D Modeling




Sound Design


Creative Writing

Public Speaking



Direction Following

Learning Tracks

Everyone has different skills and interests. There are four basic tracks for your child to choose from.

Game Design

This track takes gamers and makes them game developers, teaching them a strategic approach to game design.

They’ll gain experience in level design, UI design, score systems, character animation, power-ups, and much, more more.


This track is for kids with an interest in code. They’ll make apps, games, websites,and more. 

They’ll gain experience in HTML, CSS, programming logic, and more. 


This track is for kids who have a talent for visual design. They’ll take their creative power and use it to bring the next generation of games to life.

They’ll gain experience in 2D, 3D, digital animation, game development, and more.


This track is for kids with a strong, hands-on, technical disposition. They’ll put their engineering skills to work to build and program robots.

They’ll gain experience with electricity, wiring, circuits, code, engines, and more.

Choose a Plan

Live 1:1 lessons happen weekly or biweekly.


2-3* classes a month


Ideal for students with busy schedules or who prefer slower pacing

Every-other-week classes maintain Track engagement

Work with the same instructor

Most Popular


4-5* classes a month


Optimized pacing and progression

Easily focus on one Track at a time

Work with the same instructor

2X a Week

8-10* classes a month


Accelerated pacing and progression

Ideal for engaging two Tracks in parallel

Work with the same instructor or instructors

Siblings get a 10% discount *
Game-U’s classes follow the calendar month. Because some months have 5 weeks, students gain extra classes depending on their class day.

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