Game-U is fully online! We can teach any student, anywhere, anytime!

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Have a question or want a Free Intro Class?

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Game-U is fully online! We can teach any student, anywhere, anytime!

Have a question or want a Free Intro Class?

+1(888) 605-2998

Game-U Live 1:1

  • 60 minute classes
  • Learning so fun, it’ll be your student reminding you it’s time for class – not the
    other way around!
  • Free, half-hour trial class
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Project-based curriculum developed by industry Pros
  • Work 1:1 with the same Pro instructor
  • Choose a track that meets your student’s interests and switch tracks if desired
  • Easy monthly subscription payments, with sibling discounts available
  • For students ages 6-21



Virtual Learning Made Fun

Virtual Learning Made Fun

The Live 1:1 format is ideal for students 6-21 years old looking for weekly classes that follow Game-U’s engaging, project-based curriculum. Before you know it, your student will be reminding you it’s time for class — not the other way around!

Private Lessons From Pros

Private Lessons From the Pros

Students work one on one with dedicated professional gaming industry instructors on a track that meets their individual needs. Students have the ability to switch tracks as their interests grow and change over time.

Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

Game-U Live 1:1 offers your child a chance to test the waters of game design, challenge their creativity and problem solving skills, and get exposed to a career in game development.

Your Kids Will Learn

There are four basic topics or “Tracks” to choose from.

Game Design

Game Design

If you think playing games is fun, wait till you’re building games! The Game Design Track transforms you from a gamer to a game developer, unlocking the mysteries behind level design, UIs, score systems, character animation, power-ups, and so much more. You’ll come through each project with a finished game that you can share with your friends!



Games wouldn’t look like much without artists! Whether you’re into 2D, 3D, digital, or traditional, game development needs you. Get the skills to unleash your creative power that will bring the next generation of games to life.



Do you dream of building and programming your own robot to do cool stuff? You can! A roboticist knows all about electricity, wiring, circuits, code, engines, and more. Get the tools and the skills you need to take on the world of robotics!



It’s a superpower! Get ready to have your mind blown as you make apps, games, websites, and Minecraft and Roblox mods. You can even discover how good hackers keep cyberspace safe, and crack the secrets of computers’ digital language. Train yourself to wield the power of code!

What Kids Will Achieve

Our curriculum is project-based, allowing students to continually produce new games, mods, programs, animations, character models, robots, or designs. We support students in creating portfolios of published work that they can then present to colleges, internships, or employers, setting them apart from their peers.

Project Focused

Regardless of track, our curriculum in Live 1:1 is focused on projects. Whatever your passion, whether it’s robotics, circuitry, game design, or coding, we’ll find a project that excites you and grows your skills. With our flexible, project-based curriculum, students can start almost anywhere and learn everything necessary to challenge themselves while creating amazing results.

Result Focused

Every project builds towards sharing its result. Students as young as six learn to build real applications in age-appropriate tools. Whether the project is in Construct3 or pro-grade Unity and Unreal game engines, they’ll be able to publish and share their work through or browser-playable links from Repl.It and Scratch. Art students also share their 2D and 3D work online on platforms like Deviant Art and Sketchfab.

Portfolio Focused

Portfolios matter. Students love to look back and see how they’ve grown. For parents, employers, and educators, portfolios illustrate a student’s capabilities and the level of experience they’ve attained. Far from an unknown quantity, the student has a proven record, and it’s easy to see what they’ve mastered and what special flair they are expressing.

Choose a Plan

Live 1:1 lessons are offered in automatically recurring monthly subscriptions. A recurring time slot is selected for each student. A biweekly student selects a time slot that recurs every other week. A weekly student selects a time slot that recurs every week. A twice weekly student selects two weekly time slots. Subscriptions automatically renew.


$200/mo 2-3* classes a month
  • Ideal for students with busy schedules or who prefer slower pacing
  • Every-other-week classes maintain Track engagement
  • Work with the same instructor


$275/mo 4-5* classes a month
  • Optimized pacing and progression
  • Easily focus on one Track at a time
  • Work with the same instructor

2X a week

$520/mo 8-10* classes a month
  • Accelerated pacing and progression
  • Ideal for engaging two Tracks in parallel
  • Work with the same instructor or instructors


Students and parents alike are loving Game-U Live 1:1. Start your free trial today!


Matthew loves working one on one with his instructor, Rob. He benefits so much from the personal attention and feels comfortable asking questions. I can see him growing as he does something he loves. He can’t wait for his next sessions!

Jennifer (Matthew’s mom)

I love my 1:1 with Courtney! We can spend our time focusing on just me and my project and what I am most interested in doing. I have learned so much! I can ask all the questions I need and want – big, small or weird. I am only 8 after all, but I know so much already.

Olwyn Whelan (Student)