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Transform your student’s love for gaming into valuable STEAM skills and chart their future success with our engaging virtual classes, innovative curriculum, and pro instructors.

Our Instructors Have Experience With The Largest Names in Gaming & Tech!

Our Available Classes
GameU All Abilites offers a tailored curriculum that meets you where you are, nurtures unique creative talents, and provides challenges designed for personal growth and development.

Multi-Hour classes are available:
1 hour
2 hours
Game Design
Learn real technical skills while doing what you love–playing games! Our classes go beyond gaming to teach you game design from the ground up.
Dive into coding with hands-on projects lef by tech industry pros. You’ll create websites, video games, apps, and more in no time!
Creative Writing
Turn your storytelling dreams into reality with personalized guidance. Create gameplay adventures, design worlds, and write novels or plays in our creative writing track.
2D Digital Art
Transform your drawings into digital masterpieces. Learn to use technical software to create stunning 2D art on your computer.
3D Digital Art
Bring your drawings to life with 3D art and animations. Our Classes provide the foundation to create three-dimensional digital art.
Computer Basics
Learn how to use a computer and the basics of game development. Create small projects like coding a game, drawing, or making a song.
Microsoft Office
Master the Microsoft Office Suite in our comprehensive 21-hour class. Learn to write documents, create spreadsheets, and more, while gaining real-world application skills.
Learn the art and science of map-making in our Cartography class. Explore mental maps, digital mapping tools, and Google Map creation to understand spatial orientation and your surroundings.
Minecraft Design
Discover the technical side of Minecraft. Learn coding and design skills that can turn your passion for the game into future career opportunities.
Roblox Design
Turn your love for Roblox into programming skills. Learn to build, design, and code new worlds with guidance from pro instructors.
Video Editing
Go from watching videos to creating and editing your own. Learn to make movie trailers, use green screens, and produce promo videos in just six-months.

Our Programs

We offer a variety of virtual programs to fit every student’s learning needs.

Private 1:1 Classes

Students can work at their own pace with one-on-one classes for distraction-free virtual learning.


A virtual, personalized program for students of all abilities, including those with special needs.


Guided mentorship to help redirect your student’s passion for consuming technology into creating it.

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Give Your Student A Head Start on Their Future

In a world that’s run by computers, it’s important to introduce your student to STEAM skills early. At GameU, we use video games to engage students & teens right where they’re at, helping them develop valuable skills, learn complex programs, and set themselves up for a successful future.

Why GameU?

We’ve put all the fun in learning by using game design as a catalyst for building real-world skills…and that’s just the beginning!

World-Class Teachers

Our instructors are real industry pros who have real-world experience working for some of the biggest names in gaming & tech!

Custom Experiences

Whether your student needs 1:1 attention, collaborative environments, or personalized curriculum, GameU has it covered.

Virtual Learning, Global Impact

No more running around town for students programs! Students from all over the world with similar interests can meet, play, & learn—all from the comfort of home.

Specialized STEAM Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique enough to be fun and educational, while also being flexible enough to fit the needs and abilities of every type of learner.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Thousands of parents trust GameU to help their students explore new paths for their future.

“Me and my dad wanted to find something coding related for me to start because I expressed interest in it. I LOVED IT A LOT! My mom told me, and I remember saying this, that after my first class, I said it was the first place I felt like where I really belonged and that I had a family and that there were other people that were like me. ”

Ryan, GameU Student

“The instructors at GameU are simply amazing. I’ve never had instructors for my students that have connected with my students the way that the instructors at GameU do…my students through GameU have created a lot of different projects and anything from coding projects in Scratch and moving all the way up to robotics with moving parts…”

Erica, GameU Parent

“You know what it is, is the enthusiasm that I really like a lot. That’s probably what really stands out–for the staff at GameU–is the enthusiasm. I will say that I felt like everybody works as a team. That it really feels like everybody’s got each other’s back. It’s like, ‘ok, you can’t do this, I got it.’ It just feels very organized, so that’s how I know GameU is a really great company.”

Jade, GameU Parent

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Get your student in the game with GameU! We offer tons of fun activities, game nights, community events, and more. That’s over 75 hours of fun—FREE for GameU students!

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Virtual office hours where students can ask questions and get extra help!

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Mondays, Tuesdays, & Saturdays

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