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Minecraft Mega Events

Mega Events is a virtual game night like no other! Each month, we choose a different game to play online—laughter guaranteed! It’s completely free for GameU students ages 7-17, and non-students can join in for just $12!

Once a month on Friday

5-8 ET

Let the Mega Events Begin!

Actively enrolled GameU students get FREE access to our virtual Mega Events events! And if your child wants to invite a friend or sibling, non-students can join in on the fun for only $12!

Sign Up for a Game Night

Mega Events happens once a month on Sundays from 6-8 pm ET. Free for GameU Students and only $12 for non-students!


Check Your Email!

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to create an account for your child and how to access the game.


Start Playing

We choose a different game each month, so your child will have a blast playing a variety of different games with their GameU friends!


Each month, we choose a different game to play during our Mega Events event. All chosen games are kid-friendly, played on secure and staff-moderated servers, and guaranteed to be fun!

With games like Roblox, Among Us, Terraria, and more, our Mega Events Game Nights are ones your child won’t want to miss!

Our virtual Adventurer Game Design class is recommended for kids 6-8 years old and is perfect for kids who are interested in learning game design basics. We use Scratch, a kid-friendly and web-based game engine developed by MIT, to teach coding, and we also cover topics like logic flow, digital art, sound implementation, and more.

At the end of each 8-week unit, students will have finished their own game and gained many new skills!


Join in the Fun!

Whether your child loves exploring the world of Terraria, building things in Roblox, or making friends in Among Us, a night of laughter is guaranteed!

Meet New Friends

Make friends (or enemies) in this fun-filled game of survival.

Explore New Worlds

Your child will love crafting & exploring in Terraria.

Have Loads of Fun

Kids can build to their heart’s content in Roblox!

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1 Month
(Non Students)

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Game Design

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Once a month on Friday

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