Pathfinder (Ages 18+)

Game Design


In this project-based course, students explore a variety of games and genres while learning the basics of real game design, coding, and development. They’ll use the game engine called Unity 3D to springboard into 3D system navigation, and on the way get an introduction to programming, level design, textures, shaders, particles, and more! But it gets even better. Your child can learn – by playing published video games in Unity 3D! 

But why limit yourself to Unity 3D? Students will learn about all aspects of game development in this course – in multiple programs! Explore 3D modeling in Blender and Maya, craft your own programs in C#, blast into audio design with Audacity and Garage Band – all this and more! Our Pro instructors challenge each group of students with new topics and concepts designed to keep students progressing in all areas. Our goal? For our students to gain the skills needed to become independent game developers!

$160 per month ($15 if a 2nd or 3rd class, and $0 if a 4th class or more)
Once a week for 1 hour
Continuous, year-round.