Homeschool Circle (Ages 6-17)

Homeschool Circle

Flemington, NJ

Calling all homeschoolers! This 2-hour, biweekly class is for you. Members of Game-U’s Homeschool Circle work with each other and our instructors to study STEM and art topics, including game design, programming, and robotics. All experience levels welcome! For ages 7-15.

Tuition rate for Homeschool Circle is based on the number of students in each class. No tuition is charged until final count is made. Enrollments must be made over the phone (908-968-4294) or in person.

2 hours
Year Round

Home School Circle – Adventurer (Ages 6-8)

Dublin, OH

Designed to excite and inspire, our Adventurer Lab introduces our youngest students to the amazing worlds of games and robotics development, together in one class.  Each week, they’ll tackle new challenges in topics ranging from game design, 3d printing, illustration, robotic engineering, electronics and more!

$66 per month
Class meets once per week for 1 Hour
Continuous, year-round. Each month students learn new topics and face new challenges