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We provide quality niche instruction from Game Professionals to help students learn useful skills while relating to something they are passionate about. Designed by game industry veterans from LucasArts, Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Activision, Game-U’s summer camp curriculum gives kids a fun, inspiring, hands-on learning experience!

Please note that for the safety of all involved, our summer camps will be completely virtual for 2021, and will not be occurring at a Game-U studio. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using the form below.

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Camp Features

  • Expert Instructors
  • 4:1 Teacher Student Ratio
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Ages 6-17
  • STEM and STEAM Topics
  • Completely Virtual & Safe
  • Attend from Anywhere

2D illustration jr

2D Art

Ages 8+

Turn your doodles into works of art through the skills learned in our 2D Art camp! Starting with traditional drawing skills with pencil and paper, learn techniques to make your art better than ever. Once you've mastered the classical style, take your abilities onto the computer to learn digital art through the use of digital art programs like Krita and Piskel!

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3D Art Design

3D Art

Ages 10+

Take your art to the next dimension! With a focus on 3D Art and Design, students will be using programs such as Blender to create their own 3D models. They will learn the entire 3D pipeline from modeling to rigging, UV unwrapping, animating, texturing and more, in order to make game-ready assets for game design programs such as Unity and Unreal.

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Advanced Robotics 3D Modeling

Ages 12+

Time to get real! Students will learn to use OnShape, a popular industry-proven computer aided design program. In camp, students will learn engineering design concepts and how to 3D model mechanical components with precise measurements. Students will learn to use and apply engineering and technical vocabulary while working on their models and projects. After camp, the robotics team at Game-U will 3D print some of the models they designed for each of the students!

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Ages 6 - 8

Designed to excite and inspire, the Adventurer Camp introduces our youngest students to the wonders of game design, programming, and 3D modeling. Adventurers tackle a wide range of challenges as they build games, practice illustration, and learn the basics of programming through the use of Scratch! Get ready for an adventure!

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Arduino Robotics

Ages 12+

Our Arduino camp will teach students all the basics about circuits (voltage, current, resistance), motors, and programming in the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Campers will leave the camp with a complete understanding of how Arduino microcontrollers work on an elemental level and the underlying systems behind the hardware!

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Ages 10+

Every game needs a great story, so learn how to write one! Creative Writing teaches campers narrative principles, character development, plot design, and writing style while exercising their imaginations. They practice how to develop the lore behind a game with fun writing prompts, team-based brainstorming sessions, and storyboarding. Let our instructors help your campers write their stories!

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Explorer Game Design

Ages 8 - 10

Explore the world of game development to build your own game! Campers use tools like Construct 3, Piskel, and TinkerCAD to learn what goes into a real game. They get in hands-on practice with level and character design, programming, and mechanics. Everything builds towards the final project as campers create games of their own!

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Ages 8 - 12

In this introductory programming camp, kids explore how code can build apps, websites, games, and more! Through hands-on projects, they learn universal programming principles relevant to a wide range of applications. All experience levels welcome!

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Micro:bit Robotics

Ages 8-12

Learn engineering, programming, and robotics skills through hands-on experiences with the Micro:bit robotics system! Campers work with instructors to complete programs, engineering designs, robotics challenges, and more! Campers will receive a complete kit of components chosen by our expert instructors specially designed for this camp.

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Minecraft Modding

Ages 8 - 12

For all of our Minecraft fans, it’s time to go all out! We’re taking your favorite blocky game to the next level. Start learning how to “Mod” (modify) Minecraft using in-game Command Blocks and tools such as MCreator!

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Pioneer Game Design

Ages 10 - 12

Create full-length, 2D side-scrolling adventures, space shoot-em-ups, puzzle games, and more on pro game tools! Pioneers use editors like GameMaker2 as they study the fundamentals of game design, computer programming, and pixel art – ending the week with a published game. Their only limit is their imagination!

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Ages 12+

Take the black box that is coding and blow it wide open! Campers study syntax, variables, conditionals, and more while developing functioning applications. Build a Choose Your Own Adventure game, publish an online portfolio, and design your own app as you learn what it takes to be a programmer. Come away with new skills and a better understanding of the power of code!

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Virtual Reality

Ages 12+

The future is here! Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming. Learn how to build your very own virtual world for you to explore! Use Unity, the professional game engine to build worlds you can explore in VRChat, no headset required! (Must take Voyager camp or class to participate.)

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Voyager Game Design

Ages 12+

Love gaming? Wondering what goes on behind the scenes? Come find out! Take apart popular game genres and learn to build your own video game using Unity, a professional game editor. Our Voyagers dive headfirst into the exciting world of coding as they write game interactions in C#. No previous experience is required!

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YouTube/Twitch Camp

Ages 10+

Learn to share your love of games with the world on YouTube & Twitch! All you need is your voice and a microphone. Campers will learn how to create appealing and age-appropriate online content, as well as internet safety and techniques to develop confidence and public-speaking skills. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No content created by students in YouTube/Twitch Jr. or Adv. will be put on the Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child does not meet the age requirements for a camp. Can we still enroll?

    To ensure that all our campers are engaged and challenged throughout the week, we tailor curriculum to each age group. However, because we know each child is different, we consider accepting campers outside of the camp age limits on a case-by-case basis. Give us a call to discuss options or complete the enrollment online through the Parent Portal. Our system will process the enrollment as a request and you will not be charged unless the request is approved.

  • What previous experience is required to attend a camp?

    No previous experience is required, unless specified in the camp description. Our camps use project-based curriculum to challenge beginners as well as more advanced students.

  • What will my child do in camp all day?

    Our camps follow carefully planned curriculum that includes learning periods, breaks, and time to work on projects.

  • Are there recreation periods for campers?

    Yes! Breaks occur in the middle of every camp, either in the morning or afternoon. These consist of times where students can work on their projects if desired, as well as get a break from their screen.

  • I have to cancel my camp enrollment. Do you offer refunds?

    After May 1st, we do not offer refunds for camps. However, any cancellations made after this date will be saved as GAME-U credit for one year. GAME-U credits can be applied towards other available camp openings, classes, or events.

  • I applied the promo code but do not see the discount taken off my balance. Did I receive the discount?

    If you applied a promo code to your camp enrollment prior to May 1st, you will pay a 50% deposit up front. The discount will come off your remaining balance. If you are not sure the promo code was applied correctly, please contact your home studio and a staff member can look into the situation.

  • Will my child have projects to take home?

    Usually, yes! We want your child to be able to show off his or her new skills to friends and family. Whether a 3D model, a USB with project files, a story, or an art portfolio, your camper should come home with the results of a fun, productive week.

  • I want to talk to someone about which camp is the best fit for my child. Who do I call?

    You can call our studio at (908) 968-4294, fill out the form below, or email us through our “Contact Us” page and a staff member will be happy to help you.

  • What times do camps occur?

    All camps run Monday through Friday, with morning camps running from 9am-12pm EST, and afternoon camps running from 1pm-4pm EST. Early check-in will begin 15 minutes before the camp starts each day.

  • What equipment will my child need for their camp?

    All campers will need access to a computer or laptop for the duration of their camp(s), ideally with a camera so we can see their smiling faces! Some camps may require additional supplies, such as paper, coloring utensils, etc., which can all be found in the camp’s description. Recommended computer specifications can be found in each camp description as well.

  • I signed up for a morning and afternoon camp. What will my child do during the lunch hour?

    Game-U does not offer any lunch hour activities. The lunch hour from 12pm – 1pm is a time for students to eat and take a break from their screens. We encourage all of our campers who are enrolled in two camps to take that hour, head outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy good food. 

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