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Give their passion a path

Help your child explore the trades of technology with the guidance of an industry pro.

Tech exploration is the key to their future and your child will have a blast exploring how their passions fit inside real tech careers and this digital age. Let’s chart their path to success today.


Give their passion a path

Tech exploration is the key to their future and your child will have a blast exploring how their passions fit inside real tech careers and this digital age. Let’s chart their path to success today.

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Ignite Curiosity

We’ll expand your child’s curiosity for technology through tailored projects, tutorials, and content. They’ll be immersed in the fun while we take the time to identify the areas where they’ll excel.

Fuel Discovery

They’ll discover lucrative technical fields based on their interests, talents, and passions. We help them explore what drives their passion and chart a path to their future career in technology.

Meaningful Mentoring

Every month, your child will have two 1:1 sessions with their chosen mentor. Our mentors build trust with students in order to understand their personal desires and fears while creating a personalized plan for their exploration in tech.

Opportunity Abounds

In addition to mentorship, students can collaborate with other TechCreator peers. Every month, mentors host workshops, live streams, game jams, and more.

What will your child explore with TechCreators?

We pull back the curtains and give your child a tour of modern magic.

Game Design
& Development

Game design has become a lucrative and sought-after field. Give your child a chance to explore real-world skills in action by learning from industry pros.

& Computer Science

Learning how to code is the gateway to many technical careers. At TechCreators, students will discover the vast world of programming and learn how things are created, like video games and robots!

Digital Art
& Animation

Many people forget just how big of a role art plays in the tech world. We’ll give students the direction they need to merge their talent for drawing with the digital tools used by pros in the industry.

Video Production
& Content Creation

A lot goes into making a video people will watch -- from deciding what to create, down to editing. Students can learn exactly how the pros do it and improve their storytelling skills.

Real-World Know-How

The best way to learn is to do. Students will hone in on their strengths and get hands-on experience in turning their passions into realities.

& Live Events

Students can collaborate with other TechCreators via monthly live events hosted by mentors such as workshops, live streams, game nights, and more.

Prepare your child for their future in this digital age!

Let’s talk about our program options, the benefits of STEAM-based learning, and which classes will be the most suitable for your child!

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Why TechCreators?

Game-U Instructors are all experienced US based videogame professionals who have worked for some of the top names in the industry


It all begins with mentorship.

Creative minds are curious and eager to learn, but they sometimes need more than what a traditional classroom can provide. Our mentors are industry pros who can show your child how different technical fields work while helping them feel more involved and engaged with the project.

As they get to know your child, they’ll guide them through hands-on projects that will set them apart from their peers and help them succeed in the future.

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Give passion a path

Choose from one of our rewarding and fun-filled plans, and let the games begin!

All Plans include:

  • 5 Days/Week Mentor Support Via Chat 
  • 2 Live Events Per Week
  • 2 Community Challenges Per Week
  • 2 Mentoring Sessions Per Month
  • Parent Update Every Month
  • New Project Assigned Every Month

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Verified Buyer

"My son is generally not overly confident about most things, but when he comes here, he's always confident. Super confident about his idea and being able to share his ideas here."


Verified Buyer

Matthew loves working one on one with his instructor, Rob. He benefits so much from the personal attention and feels comfortable asking questions. I can see him growing as he does something he loves. He can’t wait for his next sessions!

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