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Open Labs

The fun doesn’t end when class is over! Our instructors offer open labs where students can come with all their questions and get extra help on their projects.

We’re Here to Help!

Any active GameU student can join our Open Labs! These virtual Q&A sessions are available multiple times a week to help your child succeed.

Ask Questions

GameU students are welcome to ask any questions they may have about their classes, projects, or designs!


Get Answers

Our pro instructors will be available to answer your child’s questions and help them complete their class projects.



At GameU, we’re dedicated to making sure our students have the knowledge and skills to excel in our classes and beyond.


All of our instructors at GameU are real gaming & tech industry pros. They do a fantastic job teaching students through all of our virtual classes and programs, but sometimes students just need a little bit of extra help outside of class time.

That’s why our instructors set aside time three times a week to answer any questions your child may have and help them as they work through their class projects and games.

Must be an actively enrolled GameU student to participate.

Our virtual Adventurer Game Design class is recommended for kids 6-8 years old and is perfect for kids who are interested in learning game design basics. We use Scratch, a kid-friendly and web-based game engine developed by MIT, to teach coding, and we also cover topics like logic flow, digital art, sound implementation, and more. 

At the end of each 8-week unit, students will have finished their own game and gained many new skills!


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Game Design

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