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Orbit Self-Paced Program Now in Open Beta!

Our Newest Program is In the Works!

At GameU, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve the learning experience for our students, and Orbit is our next big step! 

This online platform is designed to inspire kids to create and share their own games & build STEAM skills while working at their own pace.

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What to Expect

Specially Curated Content

Our platform will take your child’s interest and automatically curate a unique, self-paced learning program designed to teach them STEAM skills in the areas they love most.

Work At Your Own Pace

Whether your child wants to soar through a ton of videos in a day or pace them out over several weeks, Orbit gives them the freedom to learn their way.

Create What Interests You

Want to create a Platforming game with laser rifles, jetpacks, and stealth missions? No problem. How about a tower defense game with randomized dungeons and a time reversal mechanic? We’ve got the perfect playlist for you! We create customized playlists for what YOU want to make!

Build Community

While they can learn in a distraction-free, self-paced environment, the GameU community is the perfect place to socialize, have fun, and collaborate on projects!

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