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Creative Writing
Nurture storytelling skills by creating game narratives, worlds, and complete literary works.

Students will be introduced to the main elements of story–characters, plots, world-building, and much more!–and learn ways to develop these elements together into a full-fledged narrative.

They'll examine characteristics of "good" and "bad" writing styles, check out ways to structure their stories, and experiment with a wide range of genres.

Get inspiration from fun tools, resources, and images, and learn how to take their ideas and nurture them into a story map with the help of outlines, engaging questionnaires, and templates. From first drafts to final edits, it's all right here–and with the help of an expert instructor and mentor, it's more accessible than ever.

What you’ll learn
Google Docs/Google Drive

Unlock your storytelling potential

Dive into the world of creative writing and bring your stories to life. Learn the main elements of storytelling, including characters, plots, and worldbuilding, while experimenting with various genres.
Creative Writing & Expression
Tell the story that only you can tell, and make them into reality.
Communication & Critical Thinking
Learn valuable higher-order problem-solving and organizational strategies and study communication skills that lead to success in any career, in any place, at any time!
A Portfolio of Work
Students will have fun creating their own richly imagined worlds through a series of individualized projects that they will use to build and publish their own writing portfolio.
Tech Requirements
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Keyboard

The Best Head Start for your child’s future

GameU's programs aim to give children a head start on their future by introducing them to STEAM skills and computer basics.

Creative Writing

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