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Dive into the science and art of map-making, exploring everything from mental maps to digital tools.

In this class, students will gain a foundational understanding of how maps are created an used. Through drawing exercises, students will create mental maps to visualize their world, categorize objects, and place them on maps. This hands-on approach extends to using Google Maps to create detailed plans of their neighborhoods or favorite places. The class focuses on developing spatial awareness, understanding place, and enhancing problem-solving skills.

What you’ll learn

Understand and Navigate your surroundings better

Learn to visualize your world through mental maps, use digital mapping tools, and design detailed plans of your favorite places, enhancing your spatial awareness and critical thinking skills.
Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Learning to create and interpret maps helps improve problem-solving abilities. Students will identify key features, test their maps, evaluate performance and fix any issues, which are crucial skills applicable to various real-life situations.
Enhance Motor Skills and Dexterity
These improved skills contribute to student safety both in and out of the home by enhancing their ability to interact with technology effectively.
Foster Community Inclusion
The class promotes community inclusion by educating all populations and abilities. Students create maps that reflect their collective understanding of their environment.
Tech Requirements
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