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Microsoft Office
Gain mastery over the Microsoft Office suite and practical skills through a comprehensive 21-hours class.

Our Microsoft Office class offers a detailed, step-by-step learning experience over 21 hours. Students will cover essential software, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook. Each segment is designed to build foundational skills, leading to real-world applications like setting up a LinkedIn profile and creating a YouTube channel to showcase new skills and promote future employment opportunities.

What you’ll learn
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel

Master the tools of the Modern Workplace

This comprehensive Microsoft Office class equips you with essential skills for the modern workplace, gaining practical knowledge and confidence to tackle real-world tasks and boost your career prospects.
Comprehensive Software Training
Gain proficiency in essential Microsoft Office programs. This course covers Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook, providing students with the skills needed to handle various tasks efficiently.
Real-World Application
Learn how to apply your new skills in practical scenarios. Create a LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel to promote your expertise and enhance your employment prospects.
Enhanced Critical Thinking and Motor Skills
Improve your problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills. The course helps students identify and implement key program features, test and evaluate performance, and fix issues, which are valuable skills for everyday decision-making.
Tech Requirements
  • Recommend a minimum 10 Mbps and 10 Mbps (up/down) internet speed.
  • 2 or 3-button mouse with scroll wheel will enhance experience in all classes (Recommended, not required).
  • Microphone + Speaker or Headset with Mic and (optional, but preferred) a video camera.
  • A minimum of 3 GB free storage on your computer is recommended for most classes. Voyager+ (and Video Editing) level classes require a minimum of 10 GB of free storage space.
  • Chromebook, PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11) or Mac with at least 8 GB of RAM.

The Best Head Start for your child’s future

GameU's programs aim to give children a head start on their future by introducing them to STEAM skills and computer basics.

Microsoft Office

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