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Computer Basics
Introduces students to computing and basic game development through fun projects.

Students will use a variety of programs to learn how to use a computer and the basics of game development. Every week they will do a small project that they can complete by the end of class. Coding a small maze game, drawing an environment piece, or even making a song. something like that.

What you’ll learn

Master essential computer skills

Learn how to use a computer and the basics of game development through weekly projects. Create small games, draw environments, and even compose music using programs like Scratch, Piskel, and Photopea.
Importance of Art
Art shapes everything in our modern world, from movies & TV, to architecture and engineering. It all needs art to come to life!
Typing Speed
Learning how to type on a keyboard and fast will help students throughout school and ensure they have no struggles at an early age using a computer.
Problem Solving
Coding requires lots of problem solving. Using programs like Scratch will allow them to do some simple logic puzzles that result in working apps!
Tech Requirements
  • Any working computer, no specs required

The Best Head Start for your child’s future

GameU's programs aim to give children a head start on their future by introducing them to STEAM skills and computer basics.

Computer Basics

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