Game-U is fully online! We can teach any student, anywhere, anytime!

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Have a question or want a Free Intro Class?

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Game-U is fully online! We can teach any student, anywhere, anytime!

Have a question or want a Free Intro Class?

+1(888) 605-2998

Game-U Accelerate

  • Build a game, a computer, a story, a robot, a website – our students take on projects that make them want to learn!
  • Free, hour-long trial class and free, pre-class setup session
  • Flexible scheduling and custom weekly or biweekly class hours
  • Fully customized curriculum, developed by industry Pros, tailored to each student’s ability and interest
  • Work 1:1 with a dedicated, Pro game development instructor, who has knowledge in behavioral supports and special education, that’s right for your student
  • Specialized intake and trial process to identify and create a unique learning plan
  • Unlimited hours and optimized pacing allows students to accelerate progress
  • Our classes are all open to the general public. Some individuals with Self Direction waivers can be reimbursed for classes. Please talk with your Medicaid specialist for more information.
Teaching Students of All Abilities

Game-U is Fun and Educational

Accelerate Program Goals

Teach STEAM Concepts

Students are introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math concepts to help learn how to solve challenges and make their own projects become a reality.

Critical Thinking

Students are taught the basics of computer programming helping them improve their problem solving skills. They learn to identify and implement their program’s key features, test and evaluate performance, then fix any issues. These same skills can be applied to a wide range of areas helping them make decisions in every day life.

Improve Motor Skills

Robotics and computer use can increase dexterity and fine motor skills which boost student safety in and out of the home.

Community Inclusion

Promote community inclusion by educating all populations and promoting
peer-based learning.

Virtual Training

We feel strongly that our students learning how to become adept at navigating online communication, online learning, and ultimately online collaboration and development is key to them being a big part of this 21st century economy. They have the opportunity to come out of this online interactive environment with a broader set of interests and abilities.

Game-U Accelerate Program

Future Pursuits

Students work towards developing skills such as coding, 3d modeling, and game design that are applicable to a career interest. The education from Game-U increases the skill-set needed to obtain competitive employment.

Curriculum Options

Game-U offers a variety of curriculum options. This allows students to explore many different areas of interest while working at a pace that is suited to their abilities.
Game Design

Game Design

If you think playing games is fun, wait till you’re building games! The Game Design Track transforms you from a gamer to a game developer, unlocking the mysteries behind level design, UIs, score systems, character animation, power-ups, and so much more. You’ll come through each project with a finished game that you can share with your friends!


Arts & 3D Modeling

Games wouldn’t look like much without artists! Whether you’re into 2D, 3D, digital, or traditional, game development needs you. Get the skills to unleash your creative power that will bring the next generation of games to life.


In this class, we will explore the basic understanding of how maps are created. We will explore mental maps, which gives the student an understanding of how they view their world through drawing exercises. We will categorize the objects in the student’s world and place them on maps. The same concept will be applied when using google maps to create a plan of the student’s neighborhood or favorite place in the world. This class will enable understanding of place, spatial orientation, and how they relate to their surroundings.



It’s a superpower! Get ready to have your mind blown as you make apps, games, websites, and Minecraft and Roblox mods. You can even discover how good hackers keep cyberspace safe, and crack the secrets of computers’ digital language. Train yourself to wield the power of code!



Learn engineering and robotics through virtual and, when possible, hands-on experiences with age-appropriate equipment. Participants will study the basics of robotic programming, electrical circuitry, and mechanical design – by building their own robot!

Creative Writing

Game-U’s Creative Writing students study narrative principles, character development, plot design, and the writing process while exercising their imaginations. Students practice with a variety of activities, such as fun prompts, team-based brainstorming sessions, storyboarding, personal writing projects, and more! 

Microsoft Office

Learn to write documents, take notes, create spreadsheets, and more. Our Office training covers a wide range of software titles including Excel, Publisher, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. After learning how to use the programs students are then trained in real-world applications. Finally, we will walk them through setting up a LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel to help promote themselves to the job market.

Computer Basics

Looking to get started with the basics of computers? You have come to the right place. Our instructors can teach students everything they need to know about computers. From using a mouse and keyboard to sending emails, web surfing, youtube, and internet safety, we got you covered.

Time Well Spent


Our curriculum is taught using project-based learning techniques, which ensures that students are learning the skills necessary for a career path. As part of their training, students can choose tracks in coding, art, creative writing and computer literacy.

Virtual Learning Made Fun


Our LIVE online lessons are one-to-one, using either Zoom video calls, Slack video calls, or in some cases Facetime video calls. Lessons are conducted with instructors and students able to share their screens for each other to view and learn from. Since our mission is to teach games development (coding, 3d modeling, animation, game design), it lends itself perfectly to this online format. The only difference is everyone can work from their home safely.

Private Lessons From Pros


Students gain access to some of the latest tools/hardware for use in making their games and products, such as Game Maker, Construct, Unity, Unreal Engine, Microsoft Office, 3d Printers, and Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits.

Meet A Few Of Our Teachers

Our instructors are professional game developers who have a passion to teach the next generation. They all are given training in special education to help keep students on task and engaged all while having fun. Most important is that each one is patient, caring, kind, and willing to support all of our students in their journey to learn.

Cedric holds a B.A in Physics with a correlate in Mathematics. He was the program manager for a STEM education company in California, and was instrumental in the creation of their year-long STEM program currently being implemented in schools throughout Orange County. Cedric is also a classically trained cellist and can often be found performing with others in symphony orchestras and small chamber groups. In his free time, he enjoys gaming, tabletop RPGs, table tennis, and rock climbing.

Cedric Chang

Richard holds a degree in philosophy and a minor in educational psychology from Howard University, where he studied progressive pedagogy for at-risk students. While an undergrad, Richard also took courses in symbolic logic, in practice similar to coding. Richard worked in Brooklyn for ten years teaching a variety of students, many of which had special cognitive or emotional needs. Prior to his career at Game-U, he was also a video journalist, recording and editing for TV, and studied modeling, rigging, animating, and compositing in 3D for visual effects, as well as game development.

Rich Lee

Brittany attended Savannah College of Art & Design and holds a BFA in Animation and Associates’ degrees in Illustration and Advertising, as well as academic honors and student incentive scholarships. She was also an active member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She worked as producer, animator, and modeler on the short film Function, which won a Red Dot Award for Design. Skilled in Zbrush, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, and more, Brittany loves being part of a team that “thrives on creating stories that make people laugh and feel good”. In her free time, she enjoys modeling creepy creatures in Zbrush, painting, and taking her dog to the beach!

Brittany Zeilsdorff

Anisah earned her bachelor’s in Information Technology and Informatics from Rutgers University, and her master’s in Digital Imaging and Design from New York University. She’s certified in Character Art and ZBrush and her portfolios include 12+ years of beautiful illustrations. Anisah’s experience lies in producing game assets, animated films, graphic designs, and web designs, and her skills include Maya, Anime Studio, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Clip Studio, and ZBrush. Anisah’s passion for 2D and 3D art carries into her personal life, and some of her 2D designs have even been turned into tattoos.

Anisah Syed

Melina graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming and Development. In addition to her position at Game-U, Melina is also a private tutor, teaching K-12 Math and English. Some of her projects currently in development include an Android app inspired by whack-a-mole (with a twist!) and Iorness, a 2D game for PC that involves healing infected people on an island. In her free time, Melina enjoys singing, gaming, and streaming on Twitch

Melina Mitchell

Greg is the proud holder of a B.A. in English Literature & Creative Writing, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Poetry, and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. He is an accomplished writer, with published poems, screenplays, and short stories, including the Statistics Monster, a children’s picture book series. He was a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest for his screenplay short. Greg also is the creator of various assets in 2D art and C# released on the Unity3D asset store, including “Cyberpunk Blonde 2D Character”, “Egypt Gladiators Tileset and Characters w/Animations”, “Interactive Elements Script Solution C#”, and “Interactive Elements PRO Version”, as well as the author of the games Pirate Crasher, Cauldron Caller, Chambers, Voxel Fight, and more. Greg’s flexibility and capacity to create connections across disciplines continues to serve him well.

Greg Lyons

Our classes are open to the general public but we can accept funding from approved medicaid waivers. Ask your broker or case manager for more information.


California Regional Center, and Self Determination Programs available
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New Jersey

NJ DDD Supports Program
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New York

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IRIS & CLTS Waiver Programs
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Parent & Student Testimonials


I love going there I am also learning something new. I have a fun time working my games and projects the teachers are very friendly and nice. I have been going there almost 3 years. I would recommend this program to anyone who enjoys making video games. 3D modeling, and modding in Minecraft. I have made 2D games. I am working a 3D First person shooter game in Unity3D. using C# to code and program my game.

Jason Pullins (Student)

The Game-U team has exceeded our expectations that our Daughter has a great and fun learning experience. She is also getting an education with caring, friendly Teachers. The administrative team does anything and everything to make sure her (our) experience is always a 6 out of 5 star experience.  My Daughter is creating gaming scenarios that amaze us (her family)!!!  We highly recommend the Game-U team and what they will offer AND deliver to you and your creative loved one!!!!

Craig and Maria Breslin (Parents)

I cannot say enough great things about Game-U! Game-U has provided A with confidence and has aided him in developing his creativity. Every week he is eager to work on his 3D Modeling and Game Design. Seeing him be so proud of his work and his accomplishments are truly wonderful. This has been possible with a great team of instructors.

C Reitmeyer (Parent)

My son has benefitted in aptitude, confidence, and funneling his expertise in focus and fine motor in a rewarding and engaging atmosphere.  It has also provided a medium for socialization.

N Mross (Parent)

What I love about Game-U Accelerate is that my son’s dreams are coming true. My son was in a program prior to Game-U Accelerate and was told he couldn’t do gaming due to the academic aspect of gaming. However, Game-U Accelerate has proved them wrong. My son loves his class and he feels great about his accomplishments. Thank you Game-U Accelerate.

Mrs. Jamaal

Game-U is engaging and accessible.  The classes meet my son where he is and works with him to open new doors.  During COVID, classes online have been a game-changer.  He has stayed connected while apart.  As a person with Autism, his communication skills are underdeveloped, but with his passion for computers, he has improved his language skills and attending skills.  We are in awe of what he is capable of and credit GAME-U for developing skills we never even thought were possible.

A Velarde (Parent)

I have had the best possible experience with Game-U in the past couple of years. I am happy to learn how to use programs like Maya and Unity. All the instructors that I have had are very knowledgeable of the subjects that they have taught me. It is also nice to meet people there that have similar interests. Game-U is always something I look forward to doing.

A Reitmeyer (Student)


Classes are scheduled 7 days a week and most of our students take between 1-4 hours of lessons per week.


$90 Per Hour
Customize Your Hours
  • Designed to teach students of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs
  • Free, hour-long trial class and free, pre-class setup session
  • Flexible scheduling and custom weekly or biweekly class hours
  • Fully customized curriculum, developed by industry Pros, tailored to each student’s ability and interest
  • Work 1:1 with a dedicated, Pro game development instructor, who has knowledge in behavioral supports and special education, that’s right for your student
  • Specialized intake and trial process to identify and create a unique learning plan
  • Unlimited hours and optimized pacing allows students to accelerate progress

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What ages do we work with?

    Our curriculum can be customized to meet the needs of students ages 6 and up.

  • Do we take state Medicaid funding?

    Yes! We are set up in NY, NJ and GA to work with students enrolled in their states’ Self-Direction Medicaid waiver. We do direct billing so families are not required to pay any money out of pocket.

  • Are there weekend hours?

    We strive to be open 7 days a week in most locations. Contact us so we can go over the available hours in the location closest to you.

  • Is it an all-day program?

    No. Our program is hourly and most students attend 1-4 hours a few times a week. Hours per week depends on your budget and the student’s ability to stay engaged and on-task.

  • Are your instructors trained in special education?

    Our instructors are all experts in games development. Though they are not trained special educators, we do provide monthly workshops and support to help work with a neurodiverse community.

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