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About GameU

GameU is a partnership of parents and eminently qualified game designers who are passionate about unlocking the creativity of children through game design. Game design incorporates science, technology, art, engineering, and math skills. GameU students discover and develop their strengths, work and play collaboratively, and make friends. Long-lasting and transferable technology and social skills are developed over time.

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Our Instructors Have Experience With The Largest Names in Gaming & Tech!

Game Design
Transform your child's love for playing video games into a passion for creating them!
2D Digital Art
Is your child a budding artist? Our 2D art classes are perfect for aspiring animators and designers!
Minecraft Modding
Dive into the exciting world of Minecraft while exploring coding and programming basics.
Students learn to code and program while creating their own apps, games, websites, and more!
3D Digital Art
Bring art to life with 3D techniques, animation, 3D modeling, and more in our 3D art classes.
Roblox Design
Learn coding, 3D modeling, level design, and more while playing the beloved game, Roblox!
Video Editing
Discover how to transform videos with editing techniques used by the pros!
In our 6-month immersive class, students build their own robots from the ground up.


Thousands of parents trust GameU to help their kids explore new paths for their future.

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