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Voyager (Ages 12+)

Students plunge into advanced coding & circuitry as they explore the 7-Step Engineering Process.


Advanced Coding


7-Step Engineering Process

Voyager Robotics will teach you engineering and robotics through virtual and, when possible, hands-on experiences with age-appropriate equipment.

You will study the basics of robotic programming, electrical circuitry, and mechanical design - by building your own robot!

After mastering the foundations, classes will be given a variety of engineering design challenges, each with its own set of circumstances and requirements for the class to overcome. These unique tasks, designed to meet the needs of all learners and interest levels, will foster mastery of engineering and the design process, as well as help develop key critical thinking and problem-solving skills applicable to all areas of life.


  • Recommend a minimum 10 Mbps and 10 Mbps (up/down) internet speed.
  • 2 or 3-button mouse with scroll wheel will enhance experience in all classes (Recommended, not required).
  • Microphone + Speaker or Headset with Mic and (optional, but preferred) a video camera.
  • A minimum of 3 GB free storage on your computer is recommended for most classes. Voyager+ (and Video Editing) level classes require a minimum of 10 GB of free storage space.
  • PC (Windows 10, 11, 64-bit versions only) or Mac with Mojave 10.14 or newer. Minimum 8 GB RAM. Requires at least 1 USB port on the computer.

Why Robotics?

In today’s time, robots are a part of daily life, and they’ll only grow in use as time goes on. Enrolling your child in our virtual robotics program is the perfect way to introduce them to high-level technical skills that can prepare them for future learning and career opportunities.


Sign your child up for Game-U’s 6-month virtual Robotics class and let them have fun while learning real technical skills.

Get the Toolkit!

Buy the toolkit, open the box, and watch your child light up with excitement as they unbox all their new tools and components.


Your child will bring their toolkit to all their virtual classes where they’ll work with other students to explore tech and build robotics.

What’s in the Toolkit?!

Direct to your door from Amazon, you will get all the parts your child needs to succeed in our 6-month robotics program!

Wheel Set for LEGO

Standard LEGO Gear & Axle Set

Continuous Servo Set


What are the Benefits of GameU's Unique Approach to Virtual Learning?

Engaging Virtual Classes

Individualized Learning

Inclusive Programs

Flexible Scheduling

Self-Paced Virtual Curriculum

Like-Minded Peers

The Best Start for Your Child's Future

Head Start on the Future

GameU's programs aim to give children a head start on their future by introducing them to STEAM skills and computer basics.

Free Trial Class

GameU offers a free trial class for interested students to experience our programs, classes, and activities. Come and see what makes GameU the perfect way to supplement your child's education!



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Game Design

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